Cut and Polished

Our Redhill showroom boasts a breathtaking array of cut and polished gemstone merchandise, personally sourced from all over the world. Our constant aim is to provide the very highest quality, while maintaining excellent value for money. We stock a range of wands, pyramids, spheres, eggs, obelisks, standing points, hearts, thumb stones, rectangle stones, Platonic Solids, soap stone shapes and slices, in a variety of both well-known and unusual stones. We are always happy to photograph and e-mail pictures of particular items if you are unable to visit our premises.
Sub categories
Can be flat both sides, flat one side and curved the other, or "puff" - curved both sides. A traditional jewellery shape but now often used in as paperweights and ornaments.
Obelisks and Points
Obelisk. Has 4 sides of equal width but varying in height narrowing to the top with pyramid cuts on the points. Points. A crystal terminated on one end. However, on account of the rarity of perfect natural points, a lot are cut from larger pieces of crystal.
A classical shape with square base and 4 sides joining at the apex in the centre. The height of the pyramid may vary.
This applies to any style where the stone is cut and ground to random shapes and sizes. This follows the natural shape of the stone or can be shape duplicated many times, but not copied exactly as in a calibrated shape.
A smooth puff oval, rather like a flattened rugby ball. The convex ends form a continuous, flowing shape that is available in a variety of minerals and sizes.
Perfect rounded stone not drilled, varying in size - 2cm to 20cm.
Thumb & Worry Stones
Also called "thinking stones" normally a flatish oval with one side curved in (worry stone) or with a dimple ground into one side to take the shape of a thumb. Normally carried in a pocket.
Virtually any shape cut to provide a comfortable holding grip and rounded end from where pressure is applied (in the case of a massage wand or point). Manufactured wands have facetted sides and a point with pyramid cut on the point with a dome base for massage.
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Puff Hearts

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Rock Crystal Points