About us

Craftstones Europe Ltd was incorporated in January 1991, but had been trading under the auspices of Baines Orr (London) Ltd (incorporated in 1970) as a major wholesale supplier of semi-precious gemstones for many years before then.

We are the only major wholesaler in the UK to stock tumble polished stones over a range (up to eleven in some cases) of graded sizes and as such, have been in a position to supply manufacturers and wholesalers in bulk, as well as the retail trade.

Craftstones started ‘life’ mainly as a tumble stone wholesaler, but over the years has moved on and we now stock an extremely wide variety of semi-precious gemstone products. Between Topstones and Craftstones, we travel extensively, constantly seeking out new products as well as personally selecting as many products as possible. Our main customers these days are gift shops, lapidary shops, Esoteric/New Age outlets, healers and therapists, holistic practitioners, bead suppliers and jewellery makers, as well as publishers.

Our range of products is both comprehensive and ever changing. We pride ourselves on the diversity of the stock we carry and endeavour to cater for all needs and pockets! We carry several hundred different varieties of tumbled stones, many of which are also duplicated in both rough and specimen form. In addition, our stock always includes clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, apophylite, agate, celestite, smoky quartz and Lemurian quartz in a variety of different forms. Our jewellery products include pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings, beads and earrings to name but a few and many of these are unique “one-off” items. This is also true of our carvings and polished items, the majority of which are hand selected during our frequent American and Far Eastern buying trips. We stock a vast array of animals, Buddhas, skulls, alien heads, eggs, spheres, points, wands, hearts, free form shapes, pyramids, obelisks, thumb stones – indeed, too many items to list comprehensively!

 We are the UK distributors for Topstones Pty Ltd, based in Cape Town which, over the years, has developed a reputation as being one of the main producers of quality tumble polished stones in the world. Through this close association, we have access to a variety of both common and unusual minerals used in the tumbling process.