Gemstones for births & signs of the Zodiac

Certain gemstones are associated with particular months of the year and considered lucky to people born in those months. Some attribute the origin of the tradition of birthstones to the 12-jewlled breastplates, a vestment worn in ancient times, of Aaron, the brother of Moses.  Myths and superstitions gradually grew around the stones and symbolic meanings or virtues were eventually ascribed to them. Following zodiac gems are considered to be the most commonly accepted. The first record of wearing stones of the month was in Poland in the 18th century when they were worn to keep illness away.

1. Aries. Bloodstone. 2. Taurus. Rose Quartz. 3.Gemini.  Aventurine. 4. Cancer. Tiger eye.
 5. Leo. Carnelian 6. Virgo. Red_jasper   7. Libra. Lepidolite  8. Scorpio. Unakite
 9. Sagittarius. Obsidian   10. Capricorn. Malachite  11. Aquarius. Fluorite 12. Pisces. Amethyst