Tumblestone Sizes and Gradings

Tumbled Gemstone Sizes

This chart shows the relative sizes of the stones we offer. One square in the grid represents 10mm x 10mm.

We also include the approximate amount of stones per kilo. There will be some variation due to stone shapes and specific gravity, but these figures have proved to be accurate averages over many years of production.

Tumbled Gemstone Grades

Sorted Grade

Most polished stones from size 1LG upwards are hand sorted. Initially, off-coloured or mixed materials are removed. The batch is then inspected for chipped or broken stones. These are removed and what remains constitutes SORTED GRADE stock.

Unsorted Grade

It is difficult to hand sort sizes 00, 0 and 1SM economically, therefore these sizes are generally sold UNSORTED. The high percentage of usable material and the lower price combine to make UNSORTED GRADE stones most acceptable. In many instances, sizes 1LG and No 2 are offered in both UNSORTED and SORTED grades.